Miss Lauren ϋ♥ (fucksticks) wrote in toxicdaze,
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Suggestions, Anyone?
Please state in the subject; Icons, Backgrounds, Banners,etc.

Cheerz :B
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can u make me a layout??
of marilyn manson with a black background pink writing and it looks cool? if u can thanks much
Sure thing sweetie
Here it is, if you want me to do some overrides, then let me know and I can do it all for you :)

<a href="http://img67.photobucket.com/albums/v205/rainbowbangle/livejournal%20comm/0220d941.gif> Click here</a> Upload to your own server & give credit, thanks :)
fuck, that turned out wrong, at least you got the link!!
that MM background turned out badass
i really cant wait for you to start posting. you make awesome graphics <3
Awww, thankyou :D
sorry for posting so many time :-\ i dont realize everything i want to say till after. Anyways, could you try to make a background to match my icon? The quote it from the song Echo by Trapt if thatll help. Itll be greatly appreciated
Can i ask if you can make me a friends only banner? I kinda want it to look like the frinds only banner that has the "boom" thingy that kinda looks like a star but ya if u know what i mean.lol i want it the background to be black and the text i want to have black and pink border and ya anything else u would think would make it look kool
if u can do this i would love u forever lol